From the Master's Desk

There are several untoward incidents taking place, especially with women; women of all ages in every situation, at their houses, while traveling, in public places and at the workplace. I believe that a permanent solution to this will come from a deep-rooted change in the society and the judicial/law-enforcement system.

But for now, here are some basic tips on awareness and danger prevention that women must keep in mind:

1. Be Aware at all times: Don't engage yourself in any electronic device like listening to music, chatting or talking, playing games, etc. while in a public place.

2. Learn to quickly assess a situation: If you find any situation anywhere getting uncomfortable or sense that a situation can get out of hand, make a quiet exit.

3. Learn self defense: Especially Ladies Self Defense, where you will be taught to use your personal belongings to defend yourself, and how to intercept the opponent.

4. Travel in groups: Whenever you're traveling late, try to travel in groups.

5. Make your presence felt: If you have to travel alone in a public transport, loudly make a call at home and inform them where you are, so that the attacker realizes that people know where you are.

6. Dress practically: Your outfit should always help you fight back, run, etc.

7. Lookout for safe places: At all times, be on the lookout for safe, crowded places, large groups, especially families and go to them if required.

8. When alone at home: If you're alone at home and any service provider visits your home, intimate your neighbors by calling them over or just inform them.

Having said all these points I still say that the real/true difference shall come only when people in the society are more responsible and have deep concern for others. Oppression of any kind in the society may it be towards men, women, children, or senior citizens, needs to be put to a stop.

We as members of this society need to work together to bring this difference.

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Students Pour their Hearts out on Gurupournima

Monica Ramaswamy – Today most of us are aware that formal education in schools and colleges are insufficient or incomplete. Most of us crib that what we learn at schools and colleges is not real education. Then what is real education? What we learn from our parents? No.
What our parents can teach us is only what they have learnt or they try really hard to teach us what they have never learnt. But then from where can we get a complete education? From a guru. A Master.
Indian tradition and culture has the concept of a guru-shishya parampara wherein a child at a young age goes and lives with his guru for years, before he enters into the society, educated and whole.
I was always fascinated by this system and 2 years ago I wondered if it were possible to have that era even today. The next thing I knew I was taking admission here at this institute with my Master. And the minute I saw him I felt something. I felt that devotion that one feels towards a guru. And I realized my prayer had been answered. I was grateful.
But unfortunately as humans we all conveniently forget. Somewhere down the lane the class, the institute, Master all ended up as part of my routine and I forgot where I was. Forgot that this place, my Master was an answer to my prayers. We get very easily distracted once we are out in that society, living our false lives. We need to be reminded.
All of us have the good fortune of being sent here. All of us have been sent here by God. So let us not waste our time and take full advantage of this opportunity of being in the presence of our Master. Let us find the reason of our being here and do good for ourselves, this institute and of course for our Master. I wish to find my place here and fulfil it's every duty.
There are certain times when I look at my Master and he is either silent with himself or busy interacting with a student and I find that in those moments he looks so innocent, like a child. Radiating the kind of purity and love that we see only in infants. When you see a little kid lost in its own world you feel like simply looking at it all day. Similarly I have seen this very beautiful form of my Master. I promise to keep him in that state as far as I can. And try not to disappoint him from my side. Thank you.
Student and Disciple of the Master for the last 2 years
Student of Keimoudo® — Meditative Martial Arts, Reiki and Yoga

Teacher Dattatraya Desai – My name is Dattatraya Desai. I have been with Master for the last 4 and half years.
Every day I get to learn something new with Master. Ever since I have come to Master my life has completely changed. What Master teaches is not limited to martial arts or yoga, instead for me it has been education on how to live my life the right way.
Master always says that whatever you do, think of the consequences of those actions, and be ready to face it. Applying this in my life has been very beneficial for me, especially in my medicine studies.
For me my Master is the most respected person in my life! Master is a vast ocean of knowledge. It is my humble request to you all that in whichever art you are associated with Master, take the complete knowledge of that art from Master.
Student and Disciple of the Master for the last 4 years
Black belt 1st DAN
Keimoudo® — Meditative Martial Arts

Teacher Sunil Poojari - My name is Sunil Poojari. It has been more than four years that I am associated with Master. In these four years I have had a lot of experiences with Master, but to put those experiences into words would be very difficult. One can only feel it.
I always had difficulty in expressing myself to my Master, however Master always understood what I wanted to say, to convey just like a mother understands the needs of her new born baby. Master I Love You!!
Student and Disciple of the Master for the last 4 years
Black belt 1st DAN
Keimoudo® — Meditative Martial Arts

Teacher Harsha Udupa - Everyone seeks treasures in their lives. We seek and desire various materialistic things that we can treasure. After joining IIMMA about 9 years back, I found the greatest treasure I could ever hope to find: My Master.
It is impossible to fathom the greatness of the Master or what he can do for you in your life. I believe that Martial arts or Yoga is a tool that God used to bring us to him; now that we are here, we need to understand what we can truly achieve with the Master as our Guru.
Don't stop after a black belt or after perfecting Asanas. Understand the bigness of the art that you are learning and the greatness of the Master who is placed before you, and enjoy pleasures greater than you have imagined. Attend all talk sessions and participate in all our events to not only understand our Arts and Master, but also to take them to the world and let the world behold this treasure.
Student and Disciple of the Master for the last 9 years
Black belt 2nd DAN
Keimoudo® — Meditative Martial Arts
Traditional Reiki Teacher

Student's Article printed in HindustanTimes!

14th September, 2011

An article about Keimoudo® written by student of IIMMA, Monica Ramaswamy, was published by Hindustan Times on Wednesday, 14th September.

IIMMA Prize Distribution Ceremony 2011

Lokmat, 9th February, 2011

IIMMA Annual Prize Distribution Ceremony, 2011

Students who participated in the IIMMA annual tournament and won medals were awarded their respective medals during the Prize Distribution Ceremony from the respected Master.